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Everything you need to advance in the remote world: principles, processes, rituals, tools, and practices you can apply today!

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2020s are going to be a decade of remote work

After the global pandemic when entire industries switched their workplaces from offices to homes, the remote work environment is not our future anymore. It is our present, and not everyone is ready for this.You can benefit dramatically as an early mover. However, switching to the remote setup brings a lot of challenges...

This course is going to be your guide through the transformation

The agenda is specifically designed for non-IT businesses. I collected successful practices from the software development industry and made them applicable in any organization regardless if you are a business owner, manager, director or an individual contributor. We are going to answer one simple question:How do we transition to remote setup? 🤔Whenever it’s leaving the office entirely and going remote-first or finding a hybrid solution that fits the best for both companies and employees.

We are going to discuss

  • Key principles of remote work

  • Communication models

  • Project management frameworks

  • What is Scrum and how to apply it

  • Workspace organization

  • Remote onboarding

  • and ways how to be an efficient Remote Manager

You will be able to apply these simple methods right after the course and set up your company or team for a long term success! 🎉

Meet the author

Hi there!
My name is Gleb.
I am a Senior Product Manager, tech-consultant, and remote work advocate. For the last six years, I’ve been successfully managing projects and products with people working together all around the globe and in different time zones.
And I today would like to share my experience with you!

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